Epidemiological and Statistical Methods and Musculoskeletal Research Training Workshop, Harare, Zimbabwe, 11th - 13th March 2019

This three-day workshop was delivered by an international, multi-disciplinary team from:
The Biomedical Research and Training Institute, Harare, Zimbabwe
Zvitambo Institute for Maternal and Child Health Research, Harare, Zimbabwe
The University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe
The University of Bristol, UK
The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK
MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton, UK
Queen Mary University of London, UK
UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, London, UK
MRC Nutrition and Bone Health Research Group, Cambridge, UK

This workshop was funded through a University of Bristol GCRF Global Impact Acceleration Account grant from the UKRI. Details are here.


Download a PDF of the workshop programme.

Presentation slides

Available for download here.

Monday 11th March
09.00 Introduction & Aims for the workshop Dr Celia Gregson PDF
09.10 Measuring Health and Disease Dr Edith Majonga PDF
09.45 Data Types and Distributions Dr Celia Gregson PDF
10.35 Study design A/Prof Katharina Kranzer PDF
11.10 Clinical Trials Dr Felicity Fitzgerald PDF
11.45 Bias Dr James Church PDF
13.10 Confounding Dr Mutsa Bwakura-Dangarembizi PDF
13.45 How to critically appraise paper Dr Celia Gregson PDF
15.15 Research Budgets Dr Celia Gregson & Prof Rashida Ferrand PDF
15.50 Data Management Ms Tsitsi Bandason PDF
Tuesday 12th March
09.00 Correlation, Linear and Logistic Regression Ms Tsitsi Bandason PDF
10.35 Statistical Interaction Dr Celia Gregson PDF
11.10 Measurement Error Ms Chido Dziva Chikwari PDF
11.45 Lessons in Epidemiology Ms Rudo Siwela PDF
12.00 Lessons in Epidemiology Ms Cynthia Mukwasi-Kahari PDF
13.15 Sample Size Calculations Ms Chido Dziva Chikwari PDF
15.15 How to get paper published Prof Andrew Prendergast PDF
15.55 Sensitivity and specificity A/Prof Katharina Kranzer PDF
Wednesday 13th March
09.19 Overview of pQCT A/Prof Kate Ward PDF
10.00 How to perform forearm pQCT Dr Mícheál O’Beasail PDF
14.30 Bone Age Review Dr Celia Gregson PDF
15.20 Bone ageing A/Prof Kate Ward PDF


Resources referenced during the workshop include:
Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) checklists: https://casp-uk.net/casp-tools-checklists/
RCTs: http://www.consort-statement.org/
Observational studies: https://www.strobe-statement.org/
Systematic reviews and meta-analyses: http://www.prisma-statement.org/

Research Training Workshop Harare 11th-13th March 2019 Final Programme
Introduction & Aims for the workshop [CGregson]
Measuring Health and Disease [EMajonga]
Data Types and Distributions [CGregson]
Clinical Trials [FFitzgerald]
Study design [KKranzer]
Bias [JChurch]
Confounding [MBwakura-Dangarembizi]
How to critically appraise a paper [CGregson]
Research Budgets [CGregson & RFerrand]
Data Management [TBandason]
Correlation, Linear and Logistic Regression [TBandason]
Statistical Interaction [CGregson]
Measurement Error [CDziva Chikwari]
Lessons in Epidemiology [RSiwela]
Lessons in Epidemiology [CMukwasi-Kahari]
Sample Size Calculations [CDziva Chikwari]
How to get paper published [APrendergast]
Sensitivity and specificity [KKranzer]
Overview of pQCT [KW]
How to perform forearm pQCT [MO'B]
Bone Age Review [CG]
Bone ageing [KW]